Revista Arta about Mihai Iepure-Górski’s solo show at :BARIL

Words in a Room

by Cristina Bogdan

Mihai Iepure-Gorski’s exhibition at Baril made me happy and this text is meant to tell you about this experience. Because this exhibition is like a whole, singular object, I want to spill it all out, throw it out there, just as if you would roll a pair of dice, expecting an immediate result. In fact, this is how I would sum up this exhibition – a brief, vibrant, delicate, almost absurd gesture. A playful, yet melancholic gesture. There are some sequences that make it whole. Table – trees – hands – balls – woman talking. The dice that I just played with are on the table, I rolled the dice a few times and I landed No reference to Duchamp, Nothing special, and a few others. I laughed and I understood that the artist was laughing with me, how else? If you were to make art you have to pretend you are not referencing Duchamp while you are in fact referencing the fact that you are not referencing Duchamp. The rest is a bit more subtle, there are two uprooted trees floating near the table, which I thought were a visual counterpoint, a place to rest your eyes, but then I asked the artist about them and he spoke to me about dispossession.

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