Sasha Auer - Work of Art | solo show @ Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 Gallery, Wien

The title and the exhibition Work of Art emerge from the artists’ engagement with the precarious labour situation of the creative class.

Auerbakh’s work for this exhibition marks a continuation of her exploration of the “9,5 theses on art and class” by the American Marxist and art critic Ben Davis. The artists’ formalistic approach examines perspectives on labour and its relationship to contemporary art, addressing questions about the impact of restriction and production.

Through its combination of installation and performance, the exhibition Work of Art articulates a narrative in which sculptural objects function as placeholders for innocent creativity in the professionalized workforce. Other works fathom terminologies and titles in relation to theoretical debates around politics and economics, indicating the power of the working class. 

The exhibition features "This is the bar" by an art collective "A collective with the bar". The bar summarizes Auerbakh’s involvement with both institutionalized work and art school education. The piece questions the neoliberal logic of one’s own internal creation of the future; striving to become an entrepreneur while simultaneously a working subject, executing art as hobby. 


Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 Gallery 08.04 – 30.04.2016, opening: 7.04.2016, 7-9 PM